Monica Bellucci exudes passion and incredible energy

Monica Bellucci exudes passion and incredible energy Luxury Italian actress starred in a new photo shoot for the February issue of Spanish Vanity Fair, showing a perfect figure and, as always, beautiful face.Fur, silk, gold, naked body and lace stunning Monica Bellucci - here it is the formula for the perfect photo shoot! Vanity Fair once again pleases us with a new photoatom with one of the sexiest Actresses of our time. Monica Bellucci in seductive outfits exudes passion and incredible energy. The author of the photo shoot was made by the famous photographer Norma Jean Roy. Source: Monica Bellucci exudes passion and incredible energy (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Guitarist `Chaif` to answer for insulting

Guitarist `Chaif` to answer for insultingAgainst the member of the famous Russian rock band "Chaif" Vladimir the paper deals filed an administrative case for the insult.The reason for this was obscene abusive comment guitarist in his Twitter address in blogger from the Sverdlovsk region Cyril Formanchuk, reports Offensively recording musician considered the Prosecutor's office.Scandalous conflict occurred in October of last year, when two of the Ural blogger - Kirill Formanchuk, and Benjamin Pomazkin - published in the online open access to the personal mobile phone of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev, like "Rosbalt". Formanchuk according to was witness to a "friendly conversation" between Kuyvashev and Beganovi, during which I heard voiced by the head of the region for the guitarist's phone number.Formanchuk posted room Kuyvashev in the Network, so that everyone could "communicate with the government directly, bypassing the bureaucracy". Runners felt that the blogger overheard a private conversation and broke out in his address angry tirade. "Stood and talked with the Governor of the region, exchanged phone numbers...stood two...Lana (both are in my feed), remember the number. Now through the third guy in the room vlog population pass... Читать полностью -->

Yulia Savicheva no longer hides his new novel

Yulia Savicheva no longer hides his new novelRumors of an affair Yulia Savicheva and lead "the First channel" Dmitry Borisov appeared long ago, but the pair tried to hide their relationship from the press. Now, apparently, the singer has decided to dispel all doubts and appeared for the first time with the beloved man.To do this, the artist chose a solemn occasion - a presentation of its new, fifth solo album. A holiday in one of the Moscow restaurants Yulia Savicheva came in the company of Dmitry Borisov. Couple in love cute cooing and happily posed for photographers. Source: Yulia Savicheva no longer hides his new novel. . Читать полностью -->

The writers `Avatar` take on the film `Terminator 5`

The writers `Avatar` take on the film `Terminator 5`The writers of the film "Terminator 5" will be the Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lyusse. It is reported, the movie blog Slashfilm with reference to its sources.Previously, Kalogridis worked on writing stories of "Avatar," James Cameron, "Alexander" by Oliver stone and adapted the book by Dennis Lehane "shutter Island" for the same movie by Martin Scorsese. A record Lyusse says the film "drive angry" with Nicolas cage in the title role.The owner of the franchise is about a cyborg killer in 2011 was Megan Ellison, producer of the film Studio Annapurna Pictures, famous mainly thanks to independent pictures "The drunk district in the world", "Master" and "number one Goal". Having bought the rights, Ellison decided to shoot a sequel to "Terminator". It was planned that the survey will be headed by Director Justin Lin ("the fast and the furious 5"), but later he refused, having referred to employment. The site Director is still vacant, but the project will be accelerated, after he was joined by brother Megan David Allison, who participated in the creation of the film "Mission: impossible-Ghost Protocol" and the remake of "true grit", shot by the Coen brothers in 2010. Читать полностью -->

Died legendary pianist van Cliburn

Died legendary pianist van CliburnLegendary American pianist van Cliburn died at his home in the U.S. at the age of 78 years. In August, doctors diagnosed the musician's bone cancer at a late stage.Recent years, van Cliburn lived in the city of Fort worth, Texas. Despite his illness, he remains cheerful and optimistic. The last time he performed in September at the competition of young pianists Cliburn, where the audience gave him a long ovation. "Don't forget! I love you with all my heart, and always will be! - then admitted the pianist.Van Cliburn became famous during the cold war, conquering the USSR after winning held in 1958 in Moscow the first International Tchaikovsky competition. Читать полностью -->

Declared contenders for `Golden mask`

Declared contenders for `Golden mask`In Musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko on November 15 held a press conference dedicated to the XIX festival "Golden mask".It was announced the nominees for the most prestigious theatre award in Russia; the full list of finalists is also given on the official website of the festival.In primary category drama/large form Performance" presents "miss Julie" theatre of Nations, the production of Talent and fans of theatre of a name of Mayakovsky, "dock" Vakhtangov theatre, "Little tragedies of Pushkin", set in "the Satyricon", "Hedda Gabler" at the Alexandrinsky theatre, "the Year I was born" theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov, and "untitled" (the Theatre of a name of Volkova, Yaroslavl), "Lenka Panteleev. The musical" (the name Bryantsev youth theatre, St. Petersburg) and "Sophocles. Oedipus, the tyrant" (the theater Kiseleva, Saratov).In the category "drama/Performance a little" over the "Golden mask" will compete with nine productions: "August. Osage County (Globus Theatre, Novosibirsk), "Antibodies" (Theatre "the Baltic House", St. Petersburg), "Gorki-10" ("School of dramatic art" and Krymov Laboratory), "Two in your house" (Театр.doc, Moscow), "Fools on the periphery" (Chamber theatre, Voronezh), "Evil girl" (Bryantsev youth theatre, St.-Petersburg), "LIRE" ("Shelter comedian", St.-Petersburg), "Occupation - a sweet deal, or, Frederico!" ("Near the house of Stanislavsky, Moscow), "Alice's Journey to Switzerland" (the Pushkin Drama theatre, Krasnoyarsk).In the category 'drama/Director" award claim 15 persons, including Konstantin Bogomolov with two performances of "the Year I was born" and "Lear, Marat Gatsalov ("August. Читать полностью -->

Oscar Pistorius arrested for killing girlfriend

Oscar Pistorius arrested for killing girlfriendOn the morning of 14 February, the police arrested Paralympic champion South African Oscar Pistorius who shot his girlfriend, mistaking her for a burglar. It is reported Agence France-Presse with reference to the South African media.The incident occurred on the night of February 14 at the home of Pistorius in Pretoria. Taking the girlfriend for a burglar, runner opened fire on her. According to the site, a friend of Pistorius, died on the spot.It is expected that Pistorius on 14 February, will appear before the court, which must determine the measure.In 2012, Pistorius became the first athlete amputees who participated in the Olympic games. In 2011, the runner won a silver medal at the world championship. At the Paralympics 2004 in Athens, the South African won gold and bronze. Читать полностью -->

Goldie hawn scared face without makeup

Goldie hawn scared face without makeup Goldie hawn paparazzi recently caught in the moment when the famous actress and civil wife of Kurt Russell, mother of a famous daughter Kate Hudson and less famous son, Oliver Hudson, out of the house for a run.Of course, such an event does not involve applying war paint, so that the 66-year-old Goldie was without makeup.And this lack of cosmetics, alas, the most severely stressed the fact that the star of "Private Benjamin" visibly aged a bit... But have to admit that the figure she has a very, very good for such a venerable age. It is seen that Goldie is trying very hard to keep in shape. Source: Goldie hawn scared face without makeup (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

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